Firewall topology within a second – V2.0

September 16, 2013


There are time consuming jobs like creating a topology about the network of big companies, if they have an issue or some problem or it should be just dokumented as our ISO27001 Standard expects and it must be always up-to-date… I created a script that uses perl to build from the cisco asa firewall running […]

Analysing Cisco ASA connection table

September 16, 2013


The “show connection all” command shows the actual session table of a Cisco ASA firewall. If the output is not more million entry you can create a top list from it with a perl script I made. (Actually you can work with an output of more million entry as well, but it may require more […]

Firewall Datasheets – Behind the scene

April 16, 2013


I have just analysed some small office firewalls – with the newer expression UTM devices – from the market leaders and checked their datashits. The vendors have still to much freedom to express the advantages of their products and write performance values without giving complete description on it. The published performance values say not too […]

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ClusterXL – New HA mode

February 28, 2013


It is just a quick note for fast knowledge recovery about ClusterXL for me :-) There are 4 ClusterXL modes: -Load Sharing Multicast Mode -Load Sharing Unicast Mode -New High Availability Mode -> This is what is under magnifier now. -High Availability Legacy Mode Sniffered packet Command used: # tcpdump -i bond1 -evvxn udp 8116 […]

The nine

February 15, 2013


Normally I do not write about new releases from security product manufacturers, but this Cisco ASA version resolves some disadvantages against Checkpoint. IT IS And I would be glad to test those since I am a Cisco fun :-) The HW models are all supported, the question is if the features make it too: … […]

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Fire in the hole

February 15, 2013


In this post I tested in my lab if tunneling with icmp really opens a hole that a simple stateful firewall cannot realize. ICMP is a protocol that is opened everywhere since we need it for our daily job and honestly I have never thought that even with this I open a hole on firewall. […]

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my problem with clusterXL_admin command

February 6, 2013


The clusterXL_admin command is really fine, but i think it is not ready now. It has just one big problem – in my point of view. But the whole post has really low priority…it is really only for geeks. :-) Lets say the cluster members should be restarted but with a controlled way. How can […]

SecurePlatform and grub

November 7, 2012


This post is a short story and a summary what grub means and how it is used under SPLAT. After installing R70 Provider-1 on an Openserver and upgrading it to R70.40 I do not have experienced any problem. After upgrading from R70.40 to R70.50 the server just booted again and again with kernel panic, there […]

Migrate Cisco ASA configuration, certificates and private keys

November 4, 2012


The fact I wrote this post is to clear what happens with the RSA keys if I move the whole configuration and certificates and their private keys to another firewall with the same IP Address. IF the IP has changed the migration ofthe certificate has not much sense if the certificate is based on IP. […]

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Linux Audio Troubleshooting

November 1, 2012


Imagine I had Linux Mint 12 and I connected my headphone to my linux machine, after disconnecting it I have lost my sound!?! I have alarm sounds in my monitoring system for many¬† companies and it was just silence, no alarms… I had to check the settings with the alsamixer gui (alsamixer command) and something […]