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Checkpoint books for sale

September 18, 2013


I am selling my books from Check Point R75 Training. They are really important to read for all Check Point Admins: – Check Point Certified Security Administrator R75 Student & Lab Manual – Check Point Certified Security Expert R75 Student Manual & Lab Manual They contains more then what you can find in the Knowledge […]

ClusterXL – New HA mode

February 28, 2013


It is just a quick note for fast knowledge recovery about ClusterXL for me :-) There are 4 ClusterXL modes: -Load Sharing Multicast Mode -Load Sharing Unicast Mode -New High Availability Mode -> This is what is under magnifier now. -High Availability Legacy Mode Sniffered packet Command used: # tcpdump -i bond1 -evvxn udp 8116 […]

my problem with clusterXL_admin command

February 6, 2013


The clusterXL_admin command is really fine, but i think it is not ready now. It has just one big problem – in my point of view. But the whole post has really low priority…it is really only for geeks. :-) Lets say the cluster members should be restarted but with a controlled way. How can […]

SecurePlatform and grub

November 7, 2012


This post is a short story and a summary what grub means and how it is used under SPLAT. After installing R70 Provider-1 on an Openserver and upgrading it to R70.40 I do not have experienced any problem. After upgrading from R70.40 to R70.50 the server just booted again and again with kernel panic, there […]

Update for CMA Migration on Provider-1 R70.40

October 28, 2012


I have tested some tools usable for CMA migration and honestly I do not have more luck as earlier. The Software Version I used is R70.40 but the tools are from R75. For migrate export command I mounted the R75 ISO image under R70.40. The IP of the CMA is 1. Export CMA -change […]

Just a quick note about CoreXL

August 22, 2012


As a CCSE with about 5 years experienses I must admit I have never had any issue with multicores. But for the CCSE exam it must be clear and have to be saved in our mind. The only required operating system is SecurePlatform, but I am always courious about the other platforms as well. Here […]

Manual Failover

August 7, 2012


Failover can we generate with a lot of way. One way is with cphaprob, the most complicated way if you do not know it, but I am here for you to understand and use it instead of just an ifdown/ifup for an interface. :-) On the other hand it is an important command for the […]

Again about the processes on R75 SPLAT Firewall

August 7, 2012


This is a note from a CCSE training when I lost the connection with the training and started my own analysation of the Checkpoint processes. To understand what goes on in the Checkpoint products its worth not just learn the well known processes but just to take a look on the whole operation. Take a […]

Again fw monitor, hopefully the last post

August 7, 2012


I have always looked for a good documentation about fw monitor and I have find 2 usable doc. One is the official pdf and one in a post from a Checkpoint Expert (you can find them on my posts somewhere..) Actually there is no need to look for a documentation on google as it is […]

Script on your firewall or management server

August 7, 2012


You can put your own script in Checkpoint Firewall or Management with SPLAT. If you need just a specific info from SPLAT continuously, that can be reached with a simple command you can implement it in SPLAT with a bash script. 1. To start your script on boot you have to put it in /etc/rc.d/rc.local. […]