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ClusterXL – New HA mode

February 28, 2013


It is just a quick note for fast knowledge recovery about ClusterXL for me :-) There are 4 ClusterXL modes: -Load Sharing Multicast Mode -Load Sharing Unicast Mode -New High Availability Mode -> This is what is under magnifier now. -High Availability Legacy Mode Sniffered packet Command used: # tcpdump -i bond1 -evvxn udp 8116 […]

The nine

February 15, 2013


Normally I do not write about new releases from security product manufacturers, but this Cisco ASA version resolves some disadvantages against Checkpoint. IT IS And I would be glad to test those since I am a Cisco fun :-) The HW models are all supported, the question is if the features make it too: … […]

Fire in the hole

February 15, 2013


In this post I tested in my lab if tunneling with icmp really opens a hole that a simple stateful firewall cannot realize. ICMP is a protocol that is opened everywhere since we need it for our daily job and honestly I have never thought that even with this I open a hole on firewall. […]

my problem with clusterXL_admin command

February 6, 2013


The clusterXL_admin command is really fine, but i think it is not ready now. It has just one big problem – in my point of view. But the whole post has really low priority…it is really only for geeks. :-) Lets say the cluster members should be restarted but with a controlled way. How can […]