I am a certified Cisco and Checkpoint and Fortinet security engineer and here I try to document my experiences in IT Security field to build up my own knowledge base. The notes here makes me remember what and how I did. If you find one of my posts damn interesting or you have a question for it, then feel free to give a feedback or just ask. My suggestion, if you look for a good solution use first Linux and its opensource tools it has. There is no product that hasn’t got an opensource variant..See my old post for that:

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Akos Daniel

Have a good time here :-)

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  1. Shenghua Li

    September 3, 2011


    I am very interested in the ‘Certificate authentication and LDAP authorization with Anyconnect’.

    Would you mind to share the client profile with me so I can try to modify it for my case?

    Also, I am wondering have you configured SCEP proxy with third-party CA before?

    Thank you,


    my email: Shenghua.J.Li@gmail.com

  2. Reply
    • Tomorrow I will upload the missing pdf, sorry. But I am planning to create a youtube video about the whole stuff, since its uniqe in the world :-)

  3. Cacti_Configuration_Steps.pdf is still missing


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