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yED – a MS Visio alternative or more?

October 25, 2016


yED is an alternative software for those engineers who are working with linux and dont like microsoft visio and want make network topologies faster and simplier for free :-) There is a lot of features like automatic layout and easy data import and so on it realy intuitive when you use it. One of the […]

Firewall topology within a second – V2.0

September 16, 2013


There are time consuming jobs like creating a topology about the network of big companies, if they have an issue or some problem or it should be just dokumented as our ISO27001 Standard expects and it must be always up-to-date… I created a script that uses perl to build from the cisco asa firewall running […]

Network topology with graphviz – Task 3.

March 20, 2012


Task 3. Create the input data for digraph: IPSO Firewall ‘clish -c “show route static”‘ output (filename: fw_static_routes_firewall1.txt): S via, ae1c0, cost 0, age 6132971 S via, ae1c0, cost 0, age 6132972 S via, ae1c0, cost 0, age 6132973 S via, ae2c1, cost 0, age 6132974 S […]

Network topology with graphviz – Task 2.

March 20, 2012


Task 2. List the interface name, the network address and the IP Address and the the DNS suffix. IPSO Firewall ‘clish -c “show route direct”‘ output (filename: fw_direct_routes_firewall1.txt): C is directly connected, loop0c0 C is directly connected, ae1c0 C is directly connected, ae2c1 C is directly connected, ae3c1 . # awk […]

Network topology with graphviz – Task 1.

March 20, 2012


Task 1. List the interface name, the IP address and the DNS suffix for the domain the IP belongs to. IPSO Firewall ‘clish -c “show interfaces”‘ output (filename: fw_interfaces_firewall1.txt): Physical Interface ae1 Up Logical Interface ae1c0 Active On link_avail Up Type i802.3ad IP Address Destination Physical Interface ae2 Up Logical Interface ae2c0 Active […]

Network topology with graphviz

March 16, 2012


I am lazy that’s the truth, I will not paint with a microsoft Visio and not even with dia any networking topologies. It must be possible to do it with a program. A good question would be, how much time we need for a program and how much would it be if we would do […]