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Palo Alto Bug tool kit

July 8, 2022


Palo Alto documentation is very good, but I dont like the Palo Alto web page when I am looking for a keyword in addressed issues or in the known issues, since its listed under each PANOS Release on different web pages. If you have to go through 10-20 PANOS Release notes its really boring every […]

Land Attack or configuration failure?

July 8, 2022


As you know the Local Area Network Denial (LAND) attack is a type of Denial of Service (DOS) attack in which the attacker attacks the network by sending the same source and destination IPs and ports (like TCP SYN where the source IP and destination IP is from the destination device itself). if you check […]

Palo Alto troubleshooting commands Part 2.

January 14, 2015


This is the part 2 of the troubleshooting commands that can help you better understand what and how you can troubleshoot on Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall in cli.The Part 1. can be found here. 1. Capture and logging specific traffic2. Logging traffic for global counters3. Updates3.1 Applications and Threats update3.2 Software Upgrades3.3 Licensing 1. […]

Custom Monitoring of Palo Alto with Perl and Cacti

August 30, 2014


1. The Global Counters The Palo Alto Firewall has released an API, that has some (not all) commands to issue through external programmable interface. This API is based on XML and makes it possible to issue specific commands with that you can check just for example some states of the firewall. Through the API it […]

Palo Alto troubleshooting commands

December 10, 2013


Its now a beautiful saturday afternoon outside and I sit here in this boring room and made this post about useful palo alto commands, that can help us in case of a problem arises. There is no wind, I wanted today go to windsurf… With my requirements for any networking layer 3 security device I […]