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Posted on July 8, 2022


Palo Alto documentation is very good, but I dont like the Palo Alto web page when I am looking for a keyword in addressed issues or in the known issues, since its listed under each PANOS Release on different web pages. If you have to go through 10-20 PANOS Release notes its really boring every time.

I remember when I worked with Cisco they had a Cisco Bug tool kit or bug search tool, where you could just search for keyword for specific releases as well. This is something I miss from Palo Alto when I am searching for bugs with “offloading” for example.

Cisco Bug search tool

So what can we do? Well, with website scraping :-) get all the bugs from Palo Alto what they made publicly available. After some google search I got some hints how to do that in python and I got it at the end what I needed is the requests, beautiful soup and pandas libraries.

Palo alto has 2 pages for bugs for each PANOS Release:

  • known issues
  • addressed issues

known issues link example:

addressed issues example:

The only thing that is changing is the PANOS release number in the link, so I collected all of them in a json (doc type in python):

PANOS releases in json

and take each link and grab the html table from the content. to find the right table I search for a table with unique identity. That is what I have found and search for it (the class attribute):

The code works, it creates a csv file with all the issues (bugs) that can be formatted with excel, example screenshot:

Palo Alto Bug search tool :-)

Here is the python code with some comments on each line to make it clear what it does:

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