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Just a quick note about CoreXL

August 22, 2012


As a CCSE with about 5 years experienses I must admit I have never had any issue with multicores. But for the CCSE exam it must be clear and have to be saved in our mind. The only required operating system is SecurePlatform, but I am always courious about the other platforms as well. Here […]

Manual Failover

August 7, 2012


Failover can we generate with a lot of way. One way is with cphaprob, the most complicated way if you do not know it, but I am here for you to understand and use it instead of just an ifdown/ifup for an interface. :-) On the other hand it is an important command for the […]

Again fw monitor, hopefully the last post

August 7, 2012


I have always looked for a good documentation about fw monitor and I have find 2 usable doc. One is the official pdf and one in a post from a Checkpoint Expert (you can find them on my posts somewhere..) Actually there is no need to look for a documentation on google as it is […]

Script on your firewall or management server

August 7, 2012


You can put your own script in Checkpoint Firewall or Management with SPLAT. If you need just a specific info from SPLAT continuously, that can be reached with a simple command you can implement it in SPLAT with a bash script. 1. To start your script on boot you have to put it in /etc/rc.d/rc.local. […]

Are you aware of Identity Awareness?

July 31, 2012


Those customers, using user or session or client authentication, can have a new feature to migrate, this is called Identitiy Awareness. There is an example on the youtube for that. An old one to know how it began: and a new one how it look like now: and my fully documented test comes […]

drops on IPSO interface

May 15, 2012


On IPSO the counter for packet drops is almost similar with the cisco drop counters. It is really detailed and can show us many kind of drops. To see if the number iof drops raises we have to check it 2-3 times when the issue arises. I guess with snmp we can monitor that value […]

external CA for Remote Access VPN

May 9, 2012


Checkpoint has a complete Certificate Authority infrastructure and I would use it for small and medium sized businesses where there is only some user for remote access. For large enterprises or for companies with existing CA infrasturcture it is worth to use their certificates, because it gives much more flexibility. In this example I illustrate […]

Edge troubleshooting note

April 17, 2012


Its April, but I have just realised the new features of Checkpoint Edge Firewall, in my point of view it is the worst firewall I have ever seen regarding the granurality in management or in troubleshooting, but it works fine as its expected and its small and nice and can be integrated under the same […]

Migrate one CMA from a Provider-1 R70.40 to another Provider-1

November 8, 2011


I wanted to do some tests with only one CMA of our live Provider1 in Lab, that is why I tried to migrate just one piece. I could do a complete mds backup and restore in Lab, but if the provider has a lot of CMAs then it requires in Lab the same Hardware or […]

fw monitor – the missing table

August 22, 2011


For the fw monitor Checkpoint has wrote a dokumentation with the name fw_monitor_rev1_01.pdf. This document is old and – I guess – was never updated with the missing features that can be used to filter with fw monitor. There is a table that I got actually from the site: I just copy it here […]